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Member Services

To Become A Member

In 1986, the name of the Credit Union was changed from Meat Empire Community Credit Union to Consumers Credit Union to more accurately reflect those we serve: Anyone living or working in Crawford County, Iowa or anyone employed at IBP, Inc., in Luverne, Minnesota.  On September 26, 2001, the field of membership was expanded to contiguous counties.  Those counties are Carroll County, Shelby County, Ida County, Monona County, Sac County and Harrison County.

Also eligible for membership are the immediate family members of the aforementioned.  Members of the immediate family are: spouse, mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, spouse's parents, foster children and other the primary member is legally responsible for.

To become a member, simply stop in our office and complete an application to open your share account with at least one share unit of $25.

Payroll Deduction/Direct Deposit

This method provides the easiest, most economical way to save or repay a loan.  If offered by your employer, payroll deduction allows you to have a predetermined amount taken automatically from your paycheck and sent directly to the Credit Union account of your choice.

According to your instructions, we'll place the funds to any account -- Share Draft, Share Savings or loan repayment programs.

Direct Deposit enables you to have your paycheck, pension, social security, retirement or any other reoccurring payment sent directly to the Credit Union account of your choice.

Just fill out a Payroll Deduction card at the Credit Union office or request one by mail.  You can also make additional deposits to savings, payments to loans, or deposits to your share drafts by mail or by coming to the Credit Union office.

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Lending Programs

Through the years, members of Consumers Credit Union have known that there is no better place to obtain quick, confidential financing.

Many lending terms are available so you not only get the financing you need, you also get the loan program that fits your situation.

Unlike most other lenders, if a member wants to repay a loan in full early, there is no penalty.

Simple Interest loans combined with payroll deduction equals less interest paid.

We are pleased to provide funds for a wide variety of personal and consumer needs, including:

  • New and Used Cars and Trucks

  • Recreational Vehicles and Family Vacations

  • Home Improvements and Furnishings

  • Boats, Motorcycles and Travel Trailers

  • Bill Consolidation

  • College Education

  • Many other Personal Needs...

Click here to download and print a Loan Application.  Complete the application and bring it into our office for processing.

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Share Draft Account

This unique service from Consumers Credit Union allows you to use your credit union anywhere, anytime.  It works like a checking account - but it is better because:

  • You earn dividends...which are figured daily and credit monthly to your account.

  • Carbonless duplicates of each draft you write.

  • Payroll Deduction or direct deposit can add to your account automatically.

  • Automatic payments can be arranged for insurance and selected bills.

Share draft accounts have a low monthly service charge for drafts processed, and, best of all - eligible members are offered our share overdraft provision.  In the event of an overdraft, funds from your savings account will be automatically transferred in $25 increments to your share draft account.  Also - the first 25 share drafts written are yours free of charge.

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Share Savings/Certificates

Your first $25 deposit is used to open a share savings account.  Dividends on your share savings account are calculated daily and posted to your account quarterly.  Deposits, transfers and withdrawals may be made anytime either in person, by telephone or through the mail.  With your minimum deposit of $25 to your share account, you are eligible for additional services the Credit Union offers.

Consumers Credit Union also has IRA's, loans and six and twelve months certificates of deposit available.  Contact the office for current rates and details.

Although rates may change from week to week according to local member conditions, the quoted rates are guaranteed for the full term of your certificate.

Holiday and Vacation Clubs

The Holiday Club Account starts at any time and is paid out in early fall.  This dividend is paid annually. 

The Vacation Savings Account may be opened at anytime.  Dividends are calculated daily and are paid quarterly.

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Grade A Rewards

Students can bring in their report card, deposit $1.00 in their account and Consumers Credit Union will reward them by matching their deposit with another $1.00.

Please contact the Credit Union office for more information.

We do business in Accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Housing Opportunity Act.

Federally Insured to $250,000
















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